Spiritual art

spiritual symbol

S p i r i t u a l   a r t 

The Golden Heart artworks distinguish themselves through the frequent use of 24 carat gold. On earth, in the material world, gold is the true representation of LOVE. In addition the Golden Heart Art is characterized by her simplicity and near perfect shape. Further more is Love, as formed by Golden Hearts, a repeating element. The spiritual art and the used symbols exert a powerful influence on the heart chakra. Merely through looking your heart is filled with Love-energy. The following 3D spiritual art is based on sacred geometry. © copyright Nenno de Zoete, Dordrecht.

S p i r i t u a l   s y m b o l s

The applied spiritual symbols represent and picture, next to love, deep spiritual knowledge and wisdom. In fact they are powerful tools that inspire and “cleanse” man. Tools in such a way that the artworks are very suitable to meditate with. To describe your experiences when you look at an artwork, some words like joy, surrender, Unification and of course Love spring to mind. The exact experience is dependent upon the spiritual development of the individual and the meaning of the object. The 3D artworks are an integral part of the work of The Golden Heart. This work encompasses the gilding of man, the gilding of the heart. In fact transformation through alchemy.

S a c r e d   G e o m e t r i c   s y m b o l s

The Golden Heart artworks are Alpha – Omega. Their meaning and shape relate to the fundamentals of Life. What is represented is the essence of Life. The spiritual view is that all is Love and one can see this in the geometrical patterns in the core of life. Beyond the applied symbols all geometrical symbols cease to exist. What remains are the single dot and the circle. They are the ultimate perfect shape, the pinnacle of beauty.

b e y o n d   d u a l i t y

 4 times i

4 x i makes a Cross. i am Life, i am Love, i am All, i am One. The circle symbolizes perfection just like the dot on the i. Beyond duality is the signature of Nenno de Zoete.


S i x  G o l d e n   H e a r t s   f o r m   a   c u b e

six golden hearts form a cube

The cube  symbolizes life on earth and the heart Love. The six hearts on all sides of the cube point to the fact that all aspects of life are based on the essence called Love. The hearts all point to the center of the cube, to a singular point. This means that all aspects of life also lead to a singular point, to the Supreme. 61 x 61 cm, acid free paper.


12   G o l d e n   H e a r t s   f o r m   2   c u b e s

12 hearts form 2 cubes

12 hearts form 2 cubes. One cube is formed by the gray lines, the other cube by the silver lines. A cube symbolizes life on earth and the heart Love. The six hearts on all sides of a cube symbolize that all aspects of life are based on the essence which is Love. The hearts all point to the center of the cube, to a single point, meaning that all aspects of life lead to 1 point, theSelf. Due to the specific placement of the 2 cubes you can imagine a clockwise movement. Then the meaning unfolds: Love in action. 24 carat gold leaf on acid free paper 60 × 60 cm.



T h e   p y r a m i d :  T r a n s f o r m a t i o n  

god in wording

The base of the pyramid, the square, represents life on Earth. Together with the four triangles of the pyramid, they represent the essence of human existence. Namely: The two angles at the base of each triangle indicate the duality, the polarity on earth and in man. This duality should bring man through experience to non-duality, to 1. So transform from 2 to 1, to the top corner of the triangle, to the tip of the pyramid. The four sides of the pyramid indicate that man should experience all sides of life on earth and therefore all sides of himself and thus completely transform to 1. The lower pyramid consists of 15 golden pyramids that together form 1 pyramid. This pyramid shows the transformation process on earth which is 100 percent mirrored in the top pyramid that represents the spiritual process. 24 carat gold on acid free paper, 60 x 60 cm.


i – d e n t i t y

Gold is Love and God

Gold and the lack of shape is a direct way to experience oneself. One can not distinguish any form or shape, just gold. It fills the heart by only looking. It is a Love loading station, incredibly powerful and full of Love. The golden gate. 61 x 61 cm. perspex


 G o l d e n   H e a r t   S y m b o l

Symbol of the Golden Heart mission

The red triangle symbolizes the spiritual challenge of man, the unification with Oneness. The two corners at the base of the triangle stand for duality, life on earth with all her contradictions. The apex of the triangle stands for non-duality, for being one. The Golden heart and the reversed Golden Triangle represent the omnipresent principle of theSelf. The green and the golden triangle in the centre represent Love in the heart of man. 91 x 91 cm. perspex 


S e l f –   o r   G o d r e a l i s a t i o n

2 Golden Hearts symbolize reunion

This is  what  one aims for carrying out spiritual work as depicted above in the symbol of The Golden Heart. The red triangle has been transformed to a Golden Heart, equal to the Heart of supreme Self. The goal has been accomplished. 91 x 91 cm. perspex 



T w o   l e m n i s c a t e s

symbolyzing the spiritual assignment

The yellow lemniscate stands for man and the golden one for the Supreme. A lemniscate is based on a circle of which half has been folded through180 degrees, forming two equal parts. This means that man and the Supreme basically are equal. This is realized and symbolized by unfolding the lemniscate to a circle. The lemniscates are connected in the center, this means when man unfolds spiritually the Supreme unfolds in the same way. One knows that the circle is the perfect shape also representing the Supreme. 91 x 91 cm. perspex 


I  a m  i n

pure gold

i   a m   i n , 91 x 91 cm. perspex


h y p e r c u b e


Hypercube, 91 x 91 cm. perspex


T h e   S u n ,   t h e   S o n   o f   G o d 

S u n   a n d   s o n  phonetically differ only one syllable. The sun is life giving energy, the sun makes life possible and therefore is closely connected to the Supreme. The relationship to the Supreme is expressed by the son principle. Further more, the globe and the circle symbolize ultimate perfection. 61 x 61 cm, paper

Symbol of God