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M e d i t a t i o n

There are many misunderstandings about the true meaning of meditation. The Golden Heart defines meditation as a state of Awareness, Being Aware. Meditation is no exercise in techniques, although there are techniques and exercises that can lead to a state of meditation. In this context  meditation is only meaningful for people that want to know their true Self. Meditation is experiencing that I Am, without any form of effort, it happens, you can not make it happen.


It happens when you take away the veil. This veil consists of what is called the mind, thoughts, feelings and physical experiences and associated identification. Meditation is a state of awareness, in which the mind has come to rest. No identification. What remains is only to be, to exist. Meditation is the base of human consciousness. Freedom, joy and silence are the multi-facets of this form of being. Meditation is being Aware. Meditation is not thinking that you are, but experiencing that you are.


T h e   p r e p a r a t i o n

Create a good, clean and comfortable surroundings with plenty of oxygen. You may lid incense. Try to relax your body and straighten your back, in such a way that the top of your head is straight above your spine.

eyes and head

Your eyes must look straight ahead after closing your eyes. While meditating you will experience a significant difference if you lower your head. So head up. The effect is that you become locked in your mind and cannot reach meditation. Take the frown from your forehead, release the tension on your eyelids and release your jaw and shoulders. Take as much time as you need to also relax the rest of your body.


Your hands loosely form a ‘çup’ in your lap and you hold your thumbs touching each other. Thoughts, visions and spiritual sensations may be there, but try to ignore them. Try not to create mental stories or images. Be the witness, not the creator.


Take a deep breath through the nose and let the air first fill the tummy, then the diaphragm and lounges, all the way up to their very tops just below your shoulders. Now hold your breath a few seconds and then breath out in a controlled way through your mouth. At the end push out the remaining air. Preferably repeat this three times.


Press your tongue lightly to the top of your mouth and continue with the base of all Golden Heart meditation techniques which is The Smiling One-ness.


I n i t i a t i o n  :  T h e   s m i l i n g   O n e n e s s

1.- Activate the sub-chakras in your hands by clapping the hands for half a minute.

2.- Then make a energetic imaginary red triangle. Your two hands form the base of the triangle and your 7th chakra (top of the head) forms the pinnacle of the triangle. Your hands are held open, facing upwards and receptive for celestial energies. Hold your hands on the level of the heart-chakra and feel the energy in the sub-chakras of the hand.

3.- Then slowly, very slowly let the hands move to each other and keep the fingers pointed upwards. Try not to do it yourself, try to let it happen. Life is duality (=the base of the triangle). The 2 hands represent this duality; male – female; black – white; positive – negative and so on. By putting the hands together we symbolize Oneness. From 2 to 1. One is what we really are.

4.- Fold the hands in front of the heart-chakra (in the middle of your nipples). The middle of the thumbs should be in front of the heart-chakra and a few centimeters away from it. Now you are making energetically two important and strong statements. By the folding action: I want to be ONE. And by folding the hands in front of the heart-chakra you say: I am ONE. Recommended : saying the statements with your mouth while doing this technique and keeping your eyes closed. Put a smile on your face and hold this.

5.- Sit as long as you wish in this position. Do not allow yourself to go along with thoughts, imaginations or with physical distractions. Do not pay attention, just watch, just witness. Keep your hands folded before your Heart-chakra. This technique generates harmony, peace, compassion and love. When you do this technique on a daily basis it will change your life radically. Love your Self and each other!



M a u d ‘ s   m u d r a   m e d i t a t i o n,  t h e   u n i o n  

1. Your hands are folded in front of your heart-chakra. Be as quiet as possible, be as passive as possible.

2. Slowly raise both hands in a regular and aesthetic movement up to your crown-chakra and then from your crown-chakra slowly upwards to the 8th chakra. Stretching your arms fully, alongside your ears, well above your crown chakra.

3. Keep your hands folded for about one minute at your 8th chakra.

4. Slowly open your hands until your arms make a v-shape. Let the divine light fill you up.

5. After a few minutes, lower your hands alongside your body. You make an imaginary tube through which the light can pass.

6. At the level of your heart-chakra point your fingertips/hands down and keep moving your hands downwards.

7. Once your arms are fully stretched, leave your hands pointing to the ground for a few minutes. This is for fixing the tube of Light thoroughly.

8. Then fold your hands in a small bowl under your 1st chakra. Create two intertwining circles with your thumbs and index fingers, see the photograph below, this creates the Maud Mudra.

9. Relax, smile and be as passive as possible. Pay no attention to thoughts, images or physical sensations. They are there, that is ok, but don’t create stories. Don’t get distracted from the witnessing. The pure being. Just Being.


Named after Maud Viveen, who revealed this mudra. Maud had realized Divine Love. She was partner of Nenno de Zoete. She passed away in 2008.



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