Garden of Gold

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Symbol of the Golden Heart


T h e  G a r d e n   o f   G o l d

is a yet to be started project in cooperation with The Golden Heart. The fundamentals and the essence of the community are equality, harmony and love. The words love, we and together are key. In the new community the new man and the new cooperation are made visible. Here we see the independent  loving Human Being. Caring for man and earth. Visitors and guests are recharged and will return home fully inspired. It will be a dynamic community with multiple functions, such as: meditation spaces and B&B facilities. Next to meditation classes it will be the Love energy that transforms. The community should be located in an unspoiled natural environment, such that silence and nature’s energy can exert their healing properties.

Maud Viveen

Maud Viveen was a human being who realized God. She was Nenno de Zoete’s loving partner and passed way in 2008. Maud had several visions about the future spiritual community. This was her deepest longing of which she often spoke. All people currently involved with the project are confident that it soon will be realized.

The Golden Heart invites you to cooperate in the realization of this new community. Are you interested in participating or do you have suggestions for a suitable location, then please email or phone: 0031 611122230


The Golden Heart aims for:

1- The realization and propagation of the law of Love, Wisdom and Power, such that all conflicts caused by egoism, prejudices and differences disappear.

2- To contribute to the discovery of the Real Self. This true Self abodes in man’s heart.

3- To help to discover the secrets of compassion and self sacrifice.

4- Bridging the opposing streams of the material- and the spiritual world.

5- To encourage fundamental changes in existing commercial structures and ethos, leading to a more just society.


The Golden Heart community tries to reach her goals with the following means:

a. The founding and exploitation of one or more multi-functional facilities.

b. To organize activities such as exploitation of a retreat, a communal meeting place, a spiritual bookstore and facilities for various small scale commercial activities. All within the spiritual context.

c. The founding of living quarters for people supporting the aims of The Golden Heart.

d. To help people in need of material and/or spiritual means.

e. To organize lectures, presentations, seminars, etc..




B e  G o (o) d.

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