Nenno de Zoete

This symbolizes the work of the Golden Heart Organization

T h e   G o l d e n   H e a r t 

The Golden Heart is the name of the spiritual message of Nenno de Zoete, I live in the Netherlands. The Golden Heart is not based on any religion, a spiritual school or a special spiritual path. The Golden Heart is independent and is based on the universal Love, the Divine Love. My message is that there is nothing but love. What you really are is Divine Love.

The essence of my presence on earth and the work I do is perfectly expressed in my statement:

i *

My nature is Love
silence and not

My form, limitless
empty and full

I breathe in you
inhabit your heart

Love Me as much
as i Love You

* i is the name of God and mine.

The above is depicted in the artwork: i am in, 91 x 91 cm, 24 carat gold leaf.




Love is the exhalation of theSelf. The conscious experience of this Love is the inhalation of theSelf.

When you know That, you are All there is: i.

For me, God stands for total Love, for the indescribable, for Everything and Nothing. The Alpha and the Omega. There is nothing but this Love, there is nothing that, at its core, is not this Love.

That which you really are is Divine Love. Only by experiencing this Love can we be equal to God and to each other.


S P I R I T U A L    S Y M B O L s

The Spiritual art, often in the form of spiritual symbols, is based on sacred geometry. See further in the menu under Spiritual art or Spiritual art 3d.



Simple yet powerful Golden Heart transformation and meditation techniques. Every Golden Heart meditation technique has been revealed by me and is based on real knowledge of the human aura and chakra system. See further in the menu under Meditation.



Two works of art, namely the Golden Sphere in golden cube and the Golden Cube in golden cube, are also model for a building to be realized, made of natural stone, measuring 10 meters x 10 meters x 10 meters. This is then probably the most powerful meditation space in the world, in which you as a visitor only see gol(love)d all around. AUM!

  gouden kubus in gouden kubusgouden bol in gouden kubus


A l c h e m y 

The gilding of the heart is the real alchemical work. Gilding the heart is the true spiritual work and my job is to help people do that. How do I do that? Above all through the spiritual symbols and the Golden Heart meditation techniques and of course The Plan.


Nenno samen met Sri Lakhsmi in Hampi

I n d i a

My trips to India are very special, because every time I am guided with a lot of Divine Love and respect. I got the most beautiful visions and encounters  imaginable. I first visited the city of Shirdi, to be with my great Love Sai Baba of Shirdi. The place Shirdi is a very busy holy place. After that I went to GOA to recover from the spiritually impressive experiences for 2 weeks. The next holy place was the famous Hampi with its many temples and ruins. The Virupaksha temple with the elephant Laksmi is of great significance to me. Lakhsmi kissed me on our first meeting, which she never seemed to do…. I feel immense Love for her and she for me. We can also talk to each other, what a pleasure! Exploring the desert-like environment on my rented moped, with wonderfully hot weather; what a kick. The 4th stop was Puttaparthi where the Sathya Sai Baba ashram is. Met my friends Mustaq and Noor again. Got help from Sai baba to easily get back in when I am out of my body. This was always a big problem and above all inhumanely painful. The next place was Mysore, where I fell very seriously ill; suffered from a serious dog bite and food poisoning. After a long layover in Puducherry, where I stayed in a guest-house of Sri Aurobindo which was definitely unpleasant and spiritually very superficial, never again! It was therefore great to end this journey in the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi in Tiruvannamalai. What a wonderful atmosphere and impressive friendliness there is. I walked around the mountain Arunchala (Shiva) as a pilgrim. My journey lasted three months, the photos below are a small impression of it.

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E n l i g h t e n m e n t   o r   t h e   S o (u) l u t i o n

What comes after spiritual enlightenment is the Solution. The point in life is not to achieve spiritual enlightenment, but primarily there to work out your karma. Karma is performing self-imposed spiritual tasks. Spiritual enlightenment is not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal of man is not something that can be realized on earth. The real goal is the absolute solution, the unification with theSelf. The union. The total Solving. There is no spiritual system or religion that leads to enlightenment. There is no shortcut. What you bring to the light is life. In life there are the experiences that help you to realize who, or rather what, you really are.


B e  G o (o) d