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Golden Mary Magdalene

T h e   c o m m u n i t y

Maud Viveen was a human being who realized Love. She was Nenno de Zoete’s loving partner and passed way in 2008. Maud had several visions about the future spiritual community. This was her deepest longing of which she often spoke.

The Golden Heart invites you to cooperate in the realization of this new community. Are you interested in participating or do you have suggestions for a suitable location, then please email me: {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}

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T h e  G a r d e n   o f   G o l d

is a yet to be started project in cooperation with The Golden Heart. The fundamentals and the essence of the community are equality, harmony and love. The words love, we and together are key. In the new community the new man and the new cooperation are made visible. Here we see the independent  loving Human Being. Caring for man and earth. Visitors and guests are recharged and will return home fully inspired. It will be a dynamic community with multiple functions, such as: meditation spaces and B&B facilities. Next to meditation classes it will be the Love energy that transforms. The community should be located in an unspoiled natural environment, such that silence and nature’s energy can exert their healing properties.


M a r y   M a g d a l e n e

What does Mary Magdalene have to do with the community plan?

Nenno de Zoete: Having become curious about the mysterious events surrounding the church in Rennes le Chateau, I went there in the summer of 2022. See: Books the many books on Mary Magd

In brief: High summer and late afternoon. Upon entering the empty church, I sat down on the front bench by the altar. As soon as the eyes closed, I entered a great void and was filled with Love and then with gold. You can imagine a surprising and overwhelming experience. After that…. barely able to get up and walk. The next morning i drove to the church again. The church was empty again. The same scene took place, the emptiness, the Love. But now I asked Mary Magdalene if this Love may be represented in The Plan. The impression was that she communicated yes. I asked her if I could get confirmation of this yes. 


On the way back to the car a sparrowhawk came whizzing down from the church and then flew right in front of me. Seeing a sparrowhawk was a wish formulated in advance for this trip…. That was the first confirmation. The original plan was to visit 2 more places in the Pyrenees and then go to the beach on the Bay of Biscay for a week. This plan was erased unnoticed, because I decided very quietly, because Love was so overwhelmingly present, to drive back to the Netherlands via the shortest route.

On the 2nd day I made a small trip to see a church castle. Walking back I saw a chapel and decided to take a look. To my great surprise, upon entering the altar, I saw a gold one! Mary Magdalene standing. Now I realized that Mary Magdalene had erased my original plan and led me straight to this golden statue. Gold is the highest holiness in material form with me. Jesus! there was the 2nd confirmation. Even after an intensive search on the internet, a golden Mary Magdalene has not yet been found.

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Mary Magdalene’s Church in Rennes Le Chateau, France, Magical! And the golden Mary Magdalene in a chapel in the Dordogne, France. Gold!